New Barefoot Refresh from Barefoot Wine {Review}

The product and promotional item were provided by Barefoot Wine & Bubbly for this review.

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I love spending time with friends for picnics, barbeques and parties in the Summer… but the Fall is when we really celebrate friendship … during Football season! Whether we have friends over for Sunday Night Football, gather together for a our college game tailgates or head to our friend’s for their epic Superbowl party, we always come with tasty snacks and refreshing beverages in hand!

While you might associate football with lesser than classy beverages, I don’t! This weekend I sipped on my Barefoot Wine while others were partaking in their usual drink of choice. I was one classy chick with my glass of Barefoot Refresh from Barefoot Wine.

Now, I am no snob. Believe me, with Barefoot Wine, it is easy to enjoy a refreshing glass with little hassle. No wine cork opener necessary! Just twist and pour!


Barefoot Refresh is a new wine on the store shelves and comes in Crisp White, Sweet White, Summer Red and Perfectly Pink. Whether it is Summer or Football Season (oh is that not a season?) Barefoot Wines can be enjoyed at all times.

These wines are best served chilled. They can be chilled in a cooler, refrigerator or even served over ice! Make a little cocktail out of it by adding a lemon or other fruit!

I really enjoyed trying the Barefoot Wine & Bubbly in two of the four refreshing options: Crisp White and Summer Red. Chilled and poured right into my wine glass, they were delicious and smooth.


The Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is light and refreshing. It has a hint of carbonation and is crisp to the finish. I enjoyed both of the Barefoot Refresh blends, the Summer Red being my favorite of the two.

The Summer Red is a Pinot Noir Rosé blended with Moscato. The flavors that are highlighted in this blend were raspberry and orange. It was fruity and flavorful.

These new wines are perfect for sharing, they would be an excellent choice to bring for the next gathering of friends! I’ll be bringing this to this weekend’s tailgate! colorado barefoot wines

Purchase Barefoot Wine:

The Barefoot Refresh from Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is only $8 for a 750-ml bottle! You can find them now in stores with the other Barefoot Wines.

Connect with Barefoot Wine:

Visit Barefoot Wine for more information on the Barefoot Refresh Wines and their other Wine and Bubbly beverages. You can also connect with Barefoot Wines on Facebook, twitter @BarefootWine and YouTube.

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