Life Update: My Home for the Holidays!

Hey Holiday Readers!

I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanza/Holiday and New Year! Are you utterly and completely pooped? If so, then it was surely a success!

As for me, it is one of the busiest times of the year to fly… so I was very busy! I love flying during the holidays and was happy to greet all the holiday passengers as they made their way to family and friends (and some on vacation to get away from it all!) Plus, the holidays are the only time of the year where I am allowed to get a little festive with my flight attendant uniform! (Just for TWO days, but still… something!)


The best part about having to working on Christmas Day? I worked a trip to Honolulu! My in-laws (father, mother and sister) and husband were already there and I got to hang out for the day with them – on company time!

We had a relaxing Christmas; opened gifts, walked the boardwalk, visited the (fairly new) Disney hotel and had a delicious traditional Christmas dinner prepared by my super-prepared planner mother-in-law.

Hawaii-Tree-WithOurBest WithOurBest-Hawaii

It was a whirlwind of a visit, but such is my life.

The next morning, it was back to flying to the mainland for me, while my family slept in and enjoyed the rest of their vacation on the gorgeous island.

Wanna see what I got for Christmas? (My husband did an excellent job on thoughtful gifts this year.) Look what I got:


A Russell Wilson jersey! (Go Seahawks!)

I got him a snowboard travel bag, some cologne and slippers in return! :) Oh, and in case you don’t recognize that dog as the normal dog featured on this blog… well it isn’t.

That’s Star! She is a dog I am pet sitting. I just joined a pet sitting service and I am loving taking care of more fur-babies! It’s keeping me busy on my days I am not working. Plus it is fun for Daisy to have a dog friend around! is a great website for finding pet sitters or becoming one – here is a code for $20 off your first stay!

Beyond flying and pet sitting… we’ve been packing up our house! Did I tell you we are getting ready to move in February?

This is what has become of our guest bedroom!


To say the least, it is a bit crazy around here, and I love it!

Well… that sums it up. I hope you are getting some down time now that the holidays are over, and I look forward to spending some “online time” with you in 2014! Best Wishes!



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