Life Update: Seattle Seahawks Win the Superbowl #MyTake


So far 2014 has been a fun year. I have had the pleasure of watching my favorite NFL team win their way through the playoffs, get themselves into the Superbowl… and win that too! Remember I told you my husband got me a Russell Wilson jersey for Christmas? Well, that has been my most frequently worn shirt ever since!

“They have been exciting to watch. You never know with them. They intercept, they get penalties, they make intense remarks to reporters that people don’t understand unless they know the backstory, they thank God for their talents, they appreciate and acknowledge their fans. I love the Seahawks!”

Now, everyone has their favorite team for a reason, and my main reason is because I am from Seattle, and grew up watching the Seahawks play. My uncle used to work security for them, so when I was young I went to the friends and family events with the players.

Those were fun memories.

“This year, the Seahawks were the underdogs. Many players were very low picks. They had multiple rookie starters, including the quarterback! And they won the Lombardi trophy! They earned it, and I am so proud of them.”

But here’s the thing, the Seahawks are MY team because of who they are today. They are fun, they are real, they are good people. I mean, just check out the Real Rob Report (A insider view of the players) I can’t stop watching it!

Honestly, I respect them. And if I didn’t respect them, I wouldn’t support them.

I have so much respect for players (Tate, Baldwin, Harvin, Coleman, and OTHERS) and my favorite player is Russell Wilson!  He has so much character, nobody can deny that. I hope he always does, and the way he speaks about his faith, if he continues on this path, he will!

Here is some of my favorite media that represents my team’s good heart!

(Got any others?)

Even Richard Sherman is a big philanthropist. He is all about helping kids get through poverty and rough neighborhoods. After all, he is from Compton himself.

How can you not love these guys?

If those articles aren’t enough, just take a peek at many of the players personal Twitter or Instagram accounts. I was browsing Russell’s and he’s positive, humble, kind and all those photos of his visits to the children’s hospital…he’s a person you want leading your team!

So, although I get bragging rights because Seattle won the Superbowl, I feel I have bragging rights even if they didn’t… because these individuals make up MY team! I am proud of them, for who they are as people as well as athletes!

I write this as the Victory Rally happens in Seattle. A crazy town, full of crazy fans who are out there celebrating the Seahawks. Oh how I wish I was there! #12thman #celebrate48

Do you have a favorite sports team? Why are they your favorite?


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