How I Turn Canning Jars into Lunchboxes and Travel Mugs #Cuppow

Disclosure: I received Cuppow products in exchange for this review.

cuppow canning jar attachments

I finally had enough with eating soggy salad for lunch. I had tried everything to keep my dressing separate from my lettuce, but failed again and again. Bringing two containers is a nuisance, and often my dressing will spill out on my other lunch items! I was in search for a solution to my salad dressing disaster.

I found CUPPOW – Turning a canning jar into a lunchbox!

My initial thoughts were how cute these Cuppow items were! I loved that they utilized canning jars with their products. After all, I am kind of obsessed with canning jars lately. Then, I realized just how handy their products really were! Items that fit on the mouth of canning jars – to turn canning jars into multiple-purpose products! Genius!

I was lucky enough to review a few Cuppow products:

Cuppow – Wide with Straw-Tek (Mint 3265U) Single 
Cuppow – Regular single (Pink 211U) 7 13757 60243 3 
Cuppow – Wide with Straw-Tek (Clear) Single 
Cuppow – Regular single 7 13757 17302 5 
Ball Jar – Heritage Blue Pint – 16 oz 1440069000 
Ball Jar – Wide Pint & a Half – 24 oz 1440065500 
BNTO by Cuppow – Wide Single (clear) 


When I received them, I jumped right into testing them! I couldn’t wait to do a salad in a jar! I added my favorite salad ingredients to their tall canning jar (lots of room for lettuce!) and then used the BNTO (beh-toh) for my dressing. I twisted on the canning jar cap and just like that, I had a perfect salad to-go!

But the real test was when I shook (and shook some more) to test if the dressing would leak… nothing! Not a single drop! My salad stayed completely dry of dressing! Hooray!

BNTO Cuppow Lunchbox

bg-cuppow-graphicIs this not the coolest and cutest invention ever?

The two compartments keep foods separated! So you can enjoy them as they are intended to be enjoyed! The BNTO holds 6 fluid ounces which is the perfect size for snacking purposes.

Not only can the BNTO jar adaptor be used for salads, it can be used for a number of other foods as well… the options are endless. Let’s think:

Fruit with a yogurt dipping sauce  
Carrots and broccoli with a ranch dressing  
Granola and yogurt or fruit  
Celery with peanut butter 
Corn tortilla chips and salsa
Strawberries and chocolate sauce
Crackers and hummus

even… Oreos and milk!

The options for the BNTO canning jar lunchbox are plenty. Hey why even stop at food! They could separate anything! Can you think of any other food or unique combinations?

Cuppow ball jar lids

Okay, so obviously I am in awe of my new BNTO adaptor. But, I was also sent the original product from Cuppow – the Cuppow drinking jar lids! These are how the company first began! They are so nifty!

The canning jar drinking lids come in regular mouth and wide mouth styles. They have color options galore too – pink, blue, mint green, orange and many more! The canning lids allow you to turn an ordinary canning jar into a stylish drinking glass!


I swear, these products are the coolest. I am obsessed!

The Cuppow product and made in the USA with BPA/BPS-free plastic. The canning lids are reusable – they can be used over and over again. Plus they are microwave and dishwasher safe!

Don’t you agree that these canning jar add-ons would make wonderful gifts for anyone? Perfect for the college student heading to their first year or the kiddos going back to school. They are so fun and handy – who wouldn’t enjoy them?

Join It! For Cuppow updates check out the Cuppow Facebook, Cuppow on Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram @Cuppow.

Buy It! Cuppow canning jar adaptors can be purchased at a number of retailer (see the store locator) or at!


  1. Debbie Welchert says

    Wow I love these products and can’t wait to try the salad one for salads and dips. Their prices are not that bad either.

  2. Tina W says

    OOOohhhh, I love these! Not sure what I like more, the accessories for all the canning jars I already own or the fact there is a wide-mouth pint and a half jar out there somewhere that I need to find (and buy. A Bunch.)

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