Comparing Cookware: Stainless Steel, Cast Iron VS. Non-Stick Pans

The difference between ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron and non stick pans discussion is made possible by They provided me with a pan to test.

Comparision of cookware pans material

Have you ever wanted to know the difference between Stainless Steel Pans, Cast Iron Pans and Non-Stick Pans?  If you have ever bought new cookware, you’ve probably wondered the pros and cons of each pan. Well, let’s go over them briefly, shall we?

Stainless Steel Pans

Durable and long lasting, but takes considerable time to clean.

     – Pros: These pans look great. In my opinion they are the most attractive of all the pans. They are shiny metal and look great on the stove. Okay, more importantly than looks, they hold up well. They are one of the longer lasting materials in cookware. Stainless steel pans aren’t picky about utensils, metal, plastic, wood, or other will not damage this material.

     – Cons: Doesn’t conduct heat very well, making this pan one of the less energy efficient of the other options. This pan can be a bit of a challenge to wash. If food gets stuck or burnt on it, it required soaking and sometimes a tough rub with steel wool.

Cast Iron Pans

Many people choose this pan because it seems to be the healthiest option, least toxic.

     – Pros: There have been discussion of toxins in chemically treated pans, but with a cast iron skillet you avoid these bad toxins. Cast Iron pans are an all-time classic and can be used in the oven or the stove. They spread heat evenly and are consistent heat conductors. If you properly care for your cast iron pan, it can last a lifetime.

     – Cons: The number one disadvantage of a cast iron pan for me is the weight. They are extremely heavy and bulky. The second con of a cast iron is the seasoning required to keep food from sticking and keep the rust off. It takes constant effort and maintenance.

Non Stick Pans

Non Stick pans are the most popular choice in cookware in the USA.

     – Pros: Non stick pans are the most popular pan for this single reason: convenience. Cooking food is very easy with non-stick, very little oil is needed, the pan is light and food doesn’t stick to the pan. Cleaning is simple, food comes off quickly and sometimes can just be wiped off with a paper towel alone.

     – Cons: The biggest disadvantage is the potential risk that non-stick might have. It is widely controversial and discussed that non stick cookware releases toxins and chemicals when heated. It is still not proven what health concerns they have though. Secondly, they are one of the more expensive options in cookware material and do not hold up as long as some of the other pans. Lastly, you do not want to use metal spatulas, they will damage the pan.

What is the best material for cookware?

I have used all three types of pans. There are some real advantages and disadvantages of each pan. I like non stick for eggs, stainless steel for watery items (soup, etc.) and cast iron for meats. I guess there is not one perfect pan for me.

Whether you prefer cast iron, stainless steel or non stick pans, it all boils down to preference. So which kind of cookware should you choose? That really depends on your personal wants and needs.

Which ever you choose, all these pans have can all be found at reasonable prices on Brylane Home. Check out BrylaneHome cookware for many great options of ceramic, stainless steel, cast iron and non stick pans. They are the solution for whichever you choose.

Readers, what is your material of choice in cooking pans? Are you a non-stick fan? Are you a cast iron for life person? Tell me!


  1. Marti Tabora says

    My favorite cookware is usually non stick cookware because I hate it when my food sticks in the pan, but I do have a hard time finding non stick cookware that is long lasting. It seems like the non stick surface wears out quickly. Thank you.

  2. Karen Glatt says

    I like the Nonstick pans and the Ceramic pans and I would cook mostly meat products in them. I like to sear meats and cook pork chops in these pans.

  3. Donna Cheatle says

    My favorite pan is a Paula Dean frying pan. It’s heavy duty and makes perfect grilled cheese sandwiches every time!

  4. Susan Smith says

    My favorite cookware is my non stick cookware because I hate it when food sticks in the pan. I have never tried cooking with a stainless steel pan.

  5. Megan Parsons says

    I don’t have a favorite since I only have one and it’s old and worn out, but I would LOVE to own those blue ones!!! They would make my beach themed kitchen!

  6. Holly S. says

    I have my everyday stainless steel, but I love my cast iron skillets! I just wish I could use them for everything, like tomato dishes.

  7. says

    My favorite cookware is my Wagnerware pot. It goes from stove to oven with no problem. Clean up in it is a snap and that’s why it’s my favorite!

  8. rebeccabasset says

    I like the Stainless Steel Pans because the Coated ones often scratch, but I have never tried the Ceramic Pans.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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