A Watch that Benefits the World. One Face Watch.


It’s a picture of three watches. One black. One white. One pink. Maybe you’re thinking, what’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is the MAJORITY of the proceeds from these watches benefit the world.

How you you ask? Well, how about I tell you…

The mission statement behind the 1:Face Watch is, “Changing the World 1:Face at a Time”. Creative how they incorporate the watches’ name into the statement, eh? So basically, Mirza Minds; a design and marketing firm is launching this campaign, where each watch is dedicated to supporting a different organization. The creative director mentions, “Our goal was to design an affordable & trendy product that would benefit the world.”

The black version benefits cancer research, American Cancer Society (A.C.S), the white version benefits poverty (UNICEF), the blue version benefits the World Wildlife Fund plus other organizations and the pink version benefits (you guessed it!) Breast Cancer Awareness and Research. These are great organizations to support! I love when products have purpose!


The product itself is a mirror face LED watch. I was sent the black version (supports A.C.S.). It has four buttons and a few settings. A stop watch, tells the time (you’d hope so, wouldn’t you?) and features the date. You can scroll through the different settings with the side buttons. The watch face is a flat reflective mirror.  The face is very sleek looking and professional. I like the LED lights for the night – just press the side button to see the time light up -  you can see the time in the dark!

The watch design is very hip, especially for men, since it is rather large. (The face is about the size of an IPod Nano, and the band is a thick silicone). The benefit of the size, is it is easy to read. No squinting or putting on reading glasses to read the time!


With products like this, it is all about you, the customer. When you purchase, you change the world, one sold watch at a time! It makes you more aware of the products you buy, and helps support companies that are honestly trying to help the world. So next time you buy, think twice about who you are buying from. Does the company support great causes and donate proceeds to charities? Just some food for thought.

Overall, I am happy to share with you a watch with a great cause. What is better than a campaign whose purpose is to raise money and awareness of world-wide issues AND encourages consumers to make a difference?

Buy it!! The 1:Face Watch will be available for 24.99 and can be purchased on their website, after the initial product launch! Be on the lookout, and remember, when you buy this watch, you will be changing the world every time you check the time.

Disclosure: No compensation was given for this review. I did receive a sample product from the sponsor for the purpose of this honest review. This did not affect the outcome of this review. All opinions are 100% my own. For full disclosure click here.


  1. T says

    1 face watch hmmmm :/ great tag line and concept tho it doesn’t have the same substance as most charitable products out there, biggest question is where and how is this product manufactured and if “majority” is a number worth sniffing at…

  2. Palmero says

    I did some sniffing the company and the team have a solid background so im going to buy one…when is it launching though ???

  3. dman97 says

    I went to the website and once you scroll through all of the reading it asks for you email to learn more about the product. I put my email in and clicked continue, I got a message saying, “message failed.” They need to check their website because it isn’t working and I can’t order one!!!!

  4. says

    This is such a great idea! I love the idea of having a watch whose profits help organizations. Great idea! We should have more companies do this!



  5. Malea says

    I would really like to buy one of these watches but I’m not sure how.. If you put your email in the provided box to learn more they don’t send you anything. I’m just wondering if there is another way to get one of these?

  6. Sandra says

    I purchase a white watch (through my son in Chicago because I could not complete the purchase through my computer ?) for my daughter for Christmas. She went to put it on and it broke by the band. The spring came out. We tried to fix it, I even took it to places to get fixed and they can’t. So, I have been trying to contact 1facewatch.com and NOONE will answer me. I am feeling I got taken for my money.

  7. Angela says

    Cause Marketing – 1:Face Watch

    I had never heard of this product until I scrolled through my FB updates today and saw one of my friends had recently purchased two watches, thinking he was supporting some good causes.

    The idea behind the product is simple: a portion of money from settling these watches (manufactured in China, and yes they meet ethical standards but still for a fraction of the cost if manufactured in USA) will be given to a number of different charity organizations – each colour of watch representing those charities.

    A lovely idea in principal.

    However, I’ve just done some quick research and have a few problems with this noble venture.

    This is a direct quote from their website:

    “What percentage of donations go to the charities ?
    Each watch comes with a metric which is carried out with the purchase of the watch. Not only is this the best way to quantify change but it is entirely transparent.
    ie.) 1 white watch feeds 16 children in the Horn of Africa through our charity partner One Days Wages. The same holds true for each of the other metrics. The goal is to create actual quantified change in people’s lives around the world for each watch sold.”

    Is this transparent? Do you, as a consumer and donator, really know how much of your money was given to the charity?

    Option 1: Cancer

    For every 1 watch sold, 8 cancer patients will be supported.

    There is no disclosure on what portion of the money is given to the American Cancer Society and on checking the ACS’s website, there is no mention of 1:Face Watch being in partnership with their donation efforts.

    Option 2: Hunger

    For every 1 watch sold, 16 children will be fed.

    Out of the 6 charities listed, this is the only one that shows 1:Face Watch listed as a partnership, although it does not say how much money has been donated and what portion of each watch sold is actually required to feed the 16 children (I assume for one meal on one day as there is no mention of ongoing support).

    Option 3: Aids

    For every 5 watches sold, someone in need will receive one month of treatment.

    Keep a Child Alive’s website shows that a $30 donation will do exactly that – give someone in need a month’s worth of treatment.

    If 5 watches are sold, and only $30 is going for this aid, then 1:Face Watch is profiting by $170.

    Option 4: Breast Cancer

    For every 14 watches sold, 1 person will receive a mammogram.

    On the American Cancer Society’s website, you can easily see that by donating $100 you will be doing exactly that, giving someone in need a mammogram.

    If 14 watches are sold, and only $100 is going for this aid, then 1:Face Watch is profiting by $460.

    Option 5: Environment

    For every 3 watches sold, 1 charcoal stove is given to a family.

    The Adventure Project’s website shows that $20 is needed to give a family a charcoal stove – that’s half the cost of one watch.

    So 1:Face Watch is profiting by $100.

    Option 6: Water

    For every 625 watches sold, 1 well is built in Rwanda.

    You cannot find on Charity Water’s website any mention of how much money is needed to build a well, however I have seen that $15,000 may be required.

    So 1:Face Watch profits by $10,000.

    Charity Water is recently come under fire. The organization keeps two bank accounts – one for donations and one for funding the overheads. There is no account for how many people actually benefit from the wells, nor is Charity Water able to confirm how many wells remain operational after completion. Further, the organization is a Christian ministry, something that is not mentioned on their website. A portion of your donations are put towards converting the thirsty.

    Full article here:


    Look, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t give to charity or that the person behind 1:Face Watch doesn’t genuinely feel concern and empathy for those in need – indeed his bio suggests he himself grew up in a third world nation.

    But there’s no doubt that 1:Face Watch will be enjoying a very profitable marketing campaign, designed around causes that tug at our heart strings and that seems a little bit unethical to me.

    If you are really serious about supporting a good cause, can you not simply donate directly to that organization? Do you really need to receive something in exchange for your donation? What are you saying if you do? That you’re better than everyone else because you bought a watch?

    Do some research, find something you’re passionate about and give as much of your time or money that you can without thought or concern about your ego.

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